As your co-op partner, our goal at Farmers Win Coop is to help you meet the nutritional needs of your cattle. Using combinations of purchased and home-raised feeds, we’ll help you develop rations to improve feed efficiency and your profitability.  

Through our partnership with Purina Animal Nutrition, we’re able to bring you the powerful nutrition and programs you need to succeed.   Purina’s beef research team conducts research on cattle nutrition, development and management at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center in Missouri. With Farmers Win Coop, cattlemen have the convenience of a local mill backed by the expertise and quality assurance of the #1 livestock and lifestyle feed marketer in North America.

Both the feedlot and grass cattle feeding programs at Farmers Win Coop include a full range of products to meet your cattle’s unique needs.

The GRASS CATTLE and FEEDLOT links above feature the products most used by our customers.