Refined Fuels
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The following products are available for tank wagon delivery: 

 Ruby Fieldmaster
A premium diesel fuel that provides 4.5% more power and up to 5% better fuel efficiency. 

#2 Off-Road (Red) Diesel Fuel
#2 On-Road (Clear) Diesel Fuel

#1 Off-Road (Red) Diesel Fuel
#1 On-Road (Clear) Diesel Fuel  
Regular Gasoline 
Nolead Gasoline 

Biodiesel blends from B2 to B100 are available,

please let us know if you want a higher blend of Soy. 

 The following products are available at the Cenex Cardtrol: 

  Roadmaster Premium Diesel Fuel 
Specifically formulated for today's high-powered diesel engines, giving you more power; quicker, more fuel efficient starts; improved fuel efficiency, protection against wear and corrosion and reduced maintenance costs.
B2 #2 On-Road (Clear) Diesel Fuel

Nolead Gasoline